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Production Facility

Production-Facility-2014Our Production Facility

We have one of the best food production studios in the country. Our 3500 square foot studio/test kitchen located in Fort Lauderdale, consists of a fully equipped over-sized production kitchen, prop warehouse adjacent to our sound proof studio and test kitchen.

The studio is also available for rental to approved production companies for food and other still photography, video production, commercial shoots, interview segments and infomercials.

For more information on our Test Kitchen, Click Here

Our Production Teamcreative

We have assembled a team of professional writers, directors, producers, videographers, editors, graphic designers, food stylists and still photographers to meet all levels of production needs. We also have an extensive network of resources for additional on camera talent, voice over, and other related production services.

For more information on our team members, click here

Video Production Services

If your business or association is in need of high-quality, affordable video for your website, presentations or b-roll footage to support your marketing efforts; please contact our Creative Services team for more information, or click here.