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Online: touts one of the country’s largest quick & easy triple-tested recipe libraries designed for the every day cook. Beyond recipes, it also features hints and tips from the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, the Mr. Food TV recipe and video of the day, as well as a “How To” and cooking video library.

To enhance our website, millions of Quick & Easy eNewsletters are delivered daily, engaging readers and making our triple-digit growth unprecedented. Based on that success many companies, trade associations and  councils  have leveraged that dedicated reader via online sponsorships as well as creative marketing opportunities.

Triple-Digit Growth is a high traffic website, with unprecedented record  triple-digit growth and is a valuable resource for both consumers and a platform for businesses targeting food conscious consumers. The Mr. Food Brand is also highly visible by its representation on over a thousand referring websites. These sites include TV stations and licensed partners in the food and lifestyle community who appreciate the value of being associated with being linked to the Mr. Food Brand.

So Many Options additionally boasts free downloadable eCookbooks, a free subscription-based eNewsletter, a behind the scenes team blog, links to Twitter and Facebook, an eCommerce section featuring autographed Mr. Food Cookbooks Sponsorship, advertorial and advertising opportunities are available in association with many of these features.

Features: Information for Advertisers:

Our motivated and engaged readers and viewers form a diverse demographic background who are interested in budget-friendly, family-friendly quick-and-easy recipes that are made from ingredients readily available at supermarkets from coast to coast. Your consumers are our consumers.

All of our emails are targeted through pre-selected criteria or using customized models. Subscriber permission is vitally important. Therefore, client email is sent only to registered eNewsletter subscribers who have opted-in and confirmed their desire to receive them. Our targeted media is specifically designed to generate a profitable response to meet your objectives. Our client marketing campaigns will strategically target the consumers you want to reach, when and where you want to reach them.

As  a sponsor or advertiser, you will have a wide array of opportunities to engage our audience:

  • Sponsorship of eCookbooks
  • Custom Featured Sections
  • eNewsletter featured advertising or TV segment-related feature

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